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How To Build A Profitable Banquet & Private Party Room
Michael Attias
  Whether your restaurant currently includes a private party room for fifty or you have plans for a larger banquet facility to accommodate five . . . keep reading

The Ultimate Telephone Training System for Catering Sales
The Ultimate Telephone Training System for Catering SalesPower Marketing Newsletter for November and December 2012 and January 2013. . . . keep reading

Cater Or Die Member Book
Cater Or Die Member BookA Step-By-Step Plan for Doubling Your Catering Profits. . . . keep reading

Interview AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2012
Interview AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2012Download Audio and Transcripts from Interviews with Harlan Kilstein, Robin Robins, Nick Dantona, Paul Formica, Charlie Murray, Jon Wool, Don Pelts, Jason Brown, Paul Sandman, Diana Coutu

. . .
keep reading

Turning Wedding Bells Into Register Bells
Michael Attias
Turning Wedding Bells Into Register Bells
Weddings represent a source of untapped income for the restaurateur and caterer. Besides the potential of catering the actual wedding ceremony, opportunities exist with bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.

. . .
keep reading

AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2011
AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2011Download Audio and Transcripts from interviews with Shanna Buffum, Ryan Pitz, Brian Sacks, Edmund Woo . . . keep reading

Power Marketing Newsletters 2009
Descriptions of the Power Marketing Newsletters for 2009 . . . keep reading

What Do They Say About You Behind Your Back?
Michael Attias
What Do They Say About You Behind Your Back?When your catering customers are happy, it's easy to look like a hero. What happens when there's a problem? Believe me problems are bound to pop up in this business. The two biggest challenges you'll see that will lay the path for loyal, raving catering fans are:
. . .
keep reading

Who's Your Real Customer?
Michael Attias
Who's Your Real Customer?As a server in college, I prided myself in over the top customer service. "The answer's yes. What's the question?" The more you do, the bigger your tips. The more you do, the more the word gets out about your restaurant. Just don't be predictable . . . keep reading

Newspaper Marketing
Michael Attias
Action leads to momentum and momentum leads to increased sales. On a recent coaching, a member mentioned clipping out articles and ads from the pa . . . keep reading

Mandatory Equipment
Mandatory EquipmentIt matters not whether you own a little deli that just does drop-off catering or a fine dining establishment that handles high end events. There is one piece of equipment every restaurant should own. It's a

. . .
keep reading

Radio Commercials That Work
Michael Attias
Radio Commercials That WorkI am not a big advocate of mass media advertising for the average single unit operator in a market. In the past I was able to make radio pay for itself and have seen it duplicated recently by the people that bought my restaurant. . . . keep reading

Turning Donations Into Dollars
Michael Attias
Turning Donations Into DollarsYou'll need to start with the contact that you gave the freebie to and get the name(s) of other decision makers in the school or non-profit. Armed with this list, and hopefully a letter of recommendation from your new best friend . . . keep reading

Going Out Of Business
Michael Attias
Going Out Of BusinessA restaurant is one of the most difficult businesses to open. The two I opened required me to wear many non-food hats; from architect to human resource specialist. A restaurant's success . . . keep reading

Catering To Families
Michael Attias
Catering To Families

Currently, curbside pick-up accounts for ten percent of the average chain's sales. Never would I have imagined that someone would want to pop forty dollars for dinner for two from Outback.

. . .
keep reading

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