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  1. How To Build A Profitable Banquet & Private Party Room
    Michael Attias
      Whether your restaurant currently includes a private party room for fifty or you have plans for a larger banquet facility to accommodate five . . . keep reading

  2. Cashing In On College Kids

    At a time when a year's private school tuition for one of my children is more expensive than the five years tuition it took me to graduate college (1988, I'm not that old), know that college

    . . .
    keep reading

  3. Advertising: Source Of Profit or Peril?
    Michael Attias
    Just about every restaurant or catering operation invests money in advertising and marketing with the purpose of uncovering new customers. Without a . . . keep reading

  4. Catering To Families
    Michael Attias

    Currently, curbside pick-up accounts for ten percent of the average chain's sales. Never would I have imagined that someone would want to pop forty dollars for dinner for two from Outback.

    . . .
    keep reading

  5. The Foodservice Sales-Doubler Quick Start Guide
    This guide was designed for one thing and one thing only. To get you making money quickly. . . . keep reading

  6. Secrets Of Four Walls Marketing Revealed
    Smart and profitable operators like yourself have long known that the highest return on your marketing . . . keep reading

  7. Marketing Action Plan Calendar & Spreadsheet:
    A great system is useless if you fail to put the plan into action. You get a copy . . . keep reading

  8. Catering To Drug Dealers: How To Get A Ton Of Pharmaceutical Rep Business.
    A lot of members have hit big paydays by catering pharmaceutical rep lunches to doctor's offices. Maybe a few reps have used you and you'd like to . . . keep reading

  9. Marketing Bible of Over 75 Ads, Sales Letters & Marketing Pieces Tested To Boost Your Profits:
    Over 75 ads, sales letters and marketing . . . keep reading

  10. CATERING MAGIC MANUAL: How To Double Your Profits With Your Own Catering Profit Center
    Over eighty-five ads, sales letters, marketing pieces, scripts plus photos, forms and more are showcased in this one-of-a-kind . . . keep reading

  11. Interview AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2008
    Download Audio and Transcripts from interviews with Ken Barnett, Jeff Norris, ReNae Morse, Vivian Maltesen, Robert Jackson, Jonathan Munsell, Vince Golder, David Potesta, Howard Raber, Julia Khoury and many other restaurant professionals each month . . . keep reading

  12. Power Marketing Newsletters 2009
    Descriptions of the Power Marketing Newsletters for 2009 . . . keep reading

  13. Mandatory Equipment
    It matters not whether you own a little deli that just does drop-off catering or a fine dining establishment that handles high end events. There is one piece of equipment every restaurant should own. It's a

    . . .
    keep reading

  14. Interview AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2009
    Download Audio and Transcripts from interviews with Boris Bugarski, Dyson Barnett, Les Draper, Jay Siff, Michael Zanga, Myriam Cohen, Jenny Pharm Rep, Brad Kent, Robin Robins and Meredith Dillard, Lorne Fisher, Jonathan Blotner and many other restaurant professionals each month . . . keep reading

  15. Interview AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT Downloads - Interviews From 2007
    Download Audio and Transcripts from interviews with Barry Tepper, Jim Matorin, Howland Blackiston, Ben Pfohl, Pizza Schmizza, Craig Garber, Tim Ferriss, David Ortman and Jim Silverman . . . keep reading

  16. Underdog Marketing
    AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Underdog Marketing ebook . . . keep reading

  17. Power Marketing Newsletters 2006
    Description of the Power Marketing Newsletters for 2006 . . . keep reading

  18. GoldMine Marketing Book
    Tap into your hidden profits marketing to your customers and prospects. This collection of Michael Attias' favorite direct marketing . . . keep reading

  19. The Uncut Transcript & Index of The Marketing Bible On Tape: An In Depth Interview Revealing The Secret Behind The Ads & How To Profit From Them Now!
                         Some members asked Michael to transcribe . . . keep reading

  20. The Ten Commandments & Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing Book
    This book will give you an insight into the most powerful direct marketing techniques available . . . keep reading

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“Instead of being out beating the streets and blindly capturing one or two clients, with your marketing system we bring them right to us."

Jeff Sims
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Just knowing the one magic question to ask catering prospects makes all the difference between getting the sale and not!"
Martha Lee
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Tom Bracey
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"It increased my sales from $3,000 to $5,000 a month. I haven't even hit it to its potential yet.

I would say I'm probably using it at a 35% capacity, mainly because I was so busy doing other things."
Tim Nugent
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